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Door Hardware

Door hardware comprises but a small part of a building’s architecture, yet it has a significant impact on design, functionality and the overall reputation of your building

Access Control

The electronic access control system grants access based on a credential presented. When access is granted, the door or physical security device is unlocked for a predetermined time and the transaction is recorded.

Key Systems

One of the greatest threats to key control within your facility, office or building is the unauthorized use or duplication of keys. At Pop-A-Lock, the security professionals can assist in the design, selection and products to meet your needs.

Frontline Defense

Historically felons have found easy access to property merely using a pry bar or similar device to pop open doors to gain access. To create the greatest possible deterrent against this type of activity, Frontline created a full door latch protector.


What is accessibility ? It simple means giving people of all abilities opportunities to participate fully in everyday life. Design of Public Spaces is about making public space more accessible.

Fire Doors

Fire protection-rate doors provide critical protection to protect exit enclosures and compartmentalize buildings to stop the spread of fire, smoke and toxic gases. Proper installation of these doors is critical in the building’s fire protection system.