Commercial Services

Smart Locks

If you are looking for an affordable way to improve security while reducing operational costs, consider smart lock, electronic locks for businesses. Electronic locks can increase productivity by managing locks/devices and electronic credentials from anywhere. As a business owner you can provide security and convenience of using mobile devices to gain and permit access while saving time by eliminating the need to visit locks to make changes. There is a variety of robust report available to look at usage history of employees and visitors. Options to consider are wireless enabled cylindrical, mortise, smart deadbolt and interconnected solutions. Electronic credentials can be issued to residents, employees, visitors, temporary residents or service providers with restrictions to specific days and times. There are a variety of credentials including cards, fobs, wristbands or smart devices to open doors. Credentials can be easily added or revoked from anywhere.

Managed access from a phone, IT server for the cloud.

Pop-A-Lock can help you determine the right options for your business.