Residential Services

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Home Lockout Service

Don’t break your window!

Locked out of your house due to a lost, broken or stolen key? Pop-A-Lock provides you with convenient lockout service.

Lock Repair & Installation

Don’t put your safety and security at risk – let a trained professional install or repair your locks correctly at minimal time and cost. A properly installed lock will prevent door and threshold issues, require minimal maintenance and reduces the need for short term replacement.

Lock Rekeying

Control and manage your keys!

One of the best ways to ensure your security at home is through control and management of your keys. Whether you’re moving into a new home or looking to upgrade security at your current home, Pop-A-Lock can set your locks to operate with one key.

Smart Home for Single Family Homes

Smart lock interest is growing in both new construction and existing households. For the home owner, there are variety of different options to consider depending on your home automation needs.

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Multi-Family Home

For property managers today, there are variety of push bottom or electronic locks that manage any type of access. Gain complete visibility of who has access to your property, when and where. Send self-expiring codes for improved security and efficiency. Depending on the situation, you can install a centralized platform to manage rentals, commercial or retail properties and addressing short term rentals like AirBNB or traveling executive stays for 30 days or more.

Who Has Keys To Your Property?

Experts say that for a crime to occur, three elements must be present: ability, motivation and opportunity. Of these, home and business owners can only affect opportunity. Burglars typically will spend no more than a few seconds attempting a break in. A properly installed deadbolt can be a major deterrent. But, what if a thief simply walks in?

The previous owner of your property may have given keys to family, neighbours, contractors, employees and cleaners; you have no idea who may still have a key. Upon taking possession of a new property you should always change the locks.