Pop-A-Lock® Is Your Complete Residential Locksmith

Multi-Family Homes

For property managers today, there are variety of push bottom or electronic locks that manage any type of access. Gain complete visibility of who has access to your property, when and where. Send self-expiring codes for improved security and efficiency. Depending on the situation, you can install a centralized platform to manage rentals, commercial or retail properties and addressing short term rentals like AirBNB or traveling executive stays for 30 days or more.

Applications can include:

  • AirBNB
  • Amazon or home deliveries
  • Access for housekeeping and repairs
  • Multi-Family users
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Lock Repair and Installation

Additionally, when managing an Multi-tenant or family dwelling, there are a variety of access points to be considered for security and door hardware. Each location will require a solution that provides security and convenience while meeting the local building codes and the AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction). Pop-A-Lock specializes in multi-dwelling buildings with a security audit that addresses the needs of the property manager, the building owner and the tenants.

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