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“Pop-A-Lock Locksmith Sarnia” of downtown Sarnia Ontario, serves the communities of Sarnia, Corunna, Petrolia, Lambton Shore, Brights Grove, Brigden, Oil Springs, Mooretown, Camlachie, Wyoming, Watford, Forest, Wallaceburg, Chatham, Courtright, Point Edward, and surrounding areas. We are a locksmith & security professional mobile service. It is as easy as searching for “locksmith near me”, “locksmith Sarnia”, “locksmiths Sarnia”, “Sarnia locksmith”, “locksmith”, or “popalock” to get immediate help.

We are the only locksmith in Sarnia that specializes in automotive locksmith solutions. We make keys for Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Ram, Nissan, BMW, Mercedes, VW, GM, Honda, Toyota, Hyundai, KIA, Volvo, Infinity, Acura, GMC, Chevrolet and other vehicles. We make new keys on site for your car. That means that we can come to your home or work and make your keys where you are. 

All keys lost for you car? No problem, we will make a new one for you at your location.  Is your Ford over 10 years old? Pop-A-Lock Locksmith Sarnia can save you money as you won’t need a new ignition or tow your vehicle to the dealership.

Key fobs – Yes! We make key fobs for your car. Just search for “car key fob”, “key fob”, “key fobs”, and “fob”. You can find the price for a new key fob for your car on our MyPal Key-commerce site.

Emergency lockouts for your car or home. Pop-A-Lock Locksmith Sarnia uses non-destructive entry to get you into your car or home. Save the cost of drilling out and replacing your lock with Pop-A-Lock Locksmith Sarnia. Do you have a home with “Weiser Smart keys” or “Weiser locks”? Locked out? We don’t drill it, we will decode and cut you a new key to get you into your home! This saves you your lock and money!

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Commercial locksmith “at the door” solutions include full length interlockers to help stop the break in before it happens. We also install panic bars, door closers, “restricted keys” and “do not duplicate” keys for business that give you full control over who has access to your business. 

Car dealership solutions. Pop-A-Lock Locksmith Sarnia provides car key storage solutions for car dealerships. Contact us today to find out what cars are selling by make, model and even colour all while organizing and tracking your keys!

Re-key services for your home or business. Have you purchased a new home or business? Do you know who has the key? If not, you should re-key the locks. Pop-A-Lock Locksmith Sarnia can help you re-key your locks and give you peace of mind.

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Residential and home services include re-keying your newly purchased home or condo. Pop-A-Lock Locksmith Sarnia installs electronic deadbolts, deadbolts, knobs, levers from Weiser, Schlage, LSDA, and other manufacturers. Does your garage door have a deadbolt? We install garage door deadbolts and locks to help secure your property.

Car-pal-canada  Automotive Services

Are you looking to replace or duplicate you current car key or remote? Most people assume they need to go to their local car dealer for this. Save time and save money. Pop-A-Lock vehicle locksmith key specialists can cut and program a key for most cars on the road today. Our team will provide service at your home or business, whatever is the most convenient for you.

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House-pal-canada  Home Services

Your home needs to be secure in order to protect your family and your most important belongings. Choose Canada’s most trusted team of locksmiths to provide the right solution. Whether it’s a simple lock that needs changing, rekeying or a new smart lock, out qualified technicians will take care of you.

Office-pal-canada Business Services

All types of businesses; professional offices, facilities and storefronts need protection from both external and internal threats. Our team of commercial locksmiths can provide peace of mind through detailed audits, a variety of solutions and installations that meet your needs. Trust the Security Professionals; Pop-A-Lock.

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