Pop-A-Lock® Is Your Complete Residential Locksmith

Smart Home for
Single-Family Homes

Smart lock interest is growing in both new construction and existing households. For the home owner, there are variety of different options to consider depending on your home automation needs. Let’s walk through some scenarios.

Lock Repair and Installation

A basic deadbolt makes controlling access to your home simple and safe. The lock can pair to smartphone allowing for Bluetooth (BLE) enabled access or using the touchscreen on the lock.

The next upgrade is a lock connected to your home automation system; Z-wave or Zigbee certified systems. This permits the homeowner to enjoy keyless entry access, remote monitoring and control the lock from anywhere in the world. In some cases, adapters or accessories may be required to connect the lock to the home system.

Finally, you may purchase a WiFi enabled lock. With built in WiFi, the lock will connect to your home automation without the need for adapters or accessories.

Most of the systems today work with both Android and Apple phones and are compatible with a host of other systems; Ring doorbells, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Home kit and Key by Amazon.