Key Systems

Key Systems

One of the greatest threats to key control within your facility, office or building is the unauthorized use or duplication of keys. The unique way a key and a core work together is the foundation of how every opening and lock is secured. At Pop-A-Lock, the security professionals can assist in the design, selection and products to meet your needs.

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Master Key Systems

A master key system allows two or more keys to open one lock. To make a master key system, you need locks and keys that are the same make and model, and a way to rekey those locks.

Key Product Components

  • Locks for various security levels
  • Locks that work with electrified stand-alone and networked access control systems

Initial Questions to ask:

Restricted Access: Do we need to restrict access based upon an employee’s role within your organization? Or a condo dweller in a building?

Convenience for the Property Manager/Facility Manager: No more heavy key rings/One key can do it all. Future requirements should be taken into consideration; employee turnover & termination, increased staffing, building expansion and lost keys.

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Any master key system requires careful planning to ensure success for the long term. In all cases, there are 2 key factors when considering your master key system; Security and Convenience. The greater security, the need for high security cylinders, key control and patented keyways. That can be balanced with convenience in the building with many selective master key systems, no key control, stock keyway and the use of interchangeable cores. Setting up a master key system is very much like an organizational chart.

The lowest level of master key system is the “change key”. Typically a single door for an office or apartment/condo door. Access restricted to single user. The Master key is the key that can access all the change key locks. It is usually the highest ranking key in the system. In the case where there are multiple master key systems (all condo doors + maintenance rooms + common area doors) there would be the need for a Grand Master Key system.

High Security and Key Control

The difference between a regular lock and a high security solution with restricted keyway is the following:

  • Pick resistant/Bump protection
  • Physical strength of the lock
  • Key control
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Pick resistance – due to the design of this lock, which includes finger pins, top bins and a side bar, the chances of any home break in is thwarted. Same can be said about anyone trying to use bumping methods as the the side bar interacts with the pins to increase security and prevents the lock cylinder from being compromised.

Drilling an ordinary lock is an everyday occurrence. High security locks that have UL listed hardened pins included that makes drilling a challenge if not an impossibility.

Key Control is the most important feature of this type of locking system. Ordinary keys can be duplicated at your local hardware store or big box home depot. A restricted keyway or high security solution allows for patented protecting key control. Only the locksmith that cut and prepared the key can duplicate it for future needs. Key control requires documentation and identification for additional keys. Restricted keyways are certainly more popular with businesses who are managing employees and risk management. It is a great way to control who has been authorized to have a key and where that key is at all times.


Interchangeable Cores

Interchangeable cores can be extracted from one lock type and then installed into another without the need to remove or disassemble the lock. There units were readily adapted for master key systems, particularly for campuses or multi door facilities. There is usually spare cores set aside and in the case of an event; key lost or stolen, the replacement core can be inserted into the lock immediately. The extracted core can be rekeyed (pins adjusted) and placed by into inventory for future use. In most cases, IC cores can be used across a variety of OEM lock manufacturers.