Automotive Services

Ignition Repair & Key Extraction

Is your key getting harder to turn in the ignition or door lock? These are tell-tale signs that your ignition and/or key may be wearing out. Don’t wait until your key finally breaks off inside the ignition.

Harsh Canadian winters can take a toll on trunk and door locks. Vehicles equipped with keyless entry are more likely to have a problem since keys are seldom used.

Trust our automotive locksmiths to repair your vehicle’s lock at a fraction of the cost of the original dealer.

On some model years, cars like the Ford Focus, Toyota Corolla and Honda Civic have a reputation for ignition jamming. Should your vehicle become stranded, our mobile locksmiths have the necessary parts to repair these ignitions on site.

If your key does break off, Pop-A-Lock automotive experts are trained to extract it safely and, in most cases, without damaging the ignition or lock further.

Pop-A-Lock® technicians can rebuild ignitions, or put in entirely new ones safely. We also try and match your existing key so you don’t have to have separate door and ignition keys.

Why Pop-A-Lock®?

  • Every locksmith has been background checked and insured where applicable and has been through extensive training.
  • We provide emergency service, coming to you any time of day or night (at select locations).
  • We have the equipment available to work on most new advanced vehicle security systems.
  • As part of a national system, we have access to a large network of locksmith professionals to stay informed on industry trends and solutions.
  • We have established relationships with lock and key companies.

The cost of ignition repair and key extraction varies depending on factors like where you’re located, what time of day it is and how intensive the process is.

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