Selecting your hardware

Doors seem like a pretty simple piece of our security systems, but the elements to consider when selecting a door and door hardware can be daunting for some.

When considering door hardware, there are four main steps – hanging the door, securing the door, controlling the door and lastly, protecting the door.

Hanging the door

In most cases, hinges will be used to hang a door, and the most common types of hinges are the 3-knuckle and 5-knuckle.  You can select a continuous hinge which will run the length of the door (often used for external doors), or you can opt for a pivot hinge if the door is heavy. The pivot hinge is often used in aesthetic cases.

Securing the door

Once you have your door hung, it’s time to make sure it is secure! There are a multitude of locking options for you, the most common being mechanical locks (which include tubular, cylindrical, mortise, interconnected and deadbolts), and Electronic hardware (which include Standalone locks/ readers, Networked locks, and readers).

Controlling the door

Controlling (closing) a door can be done through give basic times of door closers. These consist of surface-mounted closers, floor closers, concealed closers, high-security closers and electronic closers. Not only does a closer close the door once it has been opened, but it also controls the speed at which the door closes, protecting it from slamming. Closers can be found in both manual and electronic versions. When selecting your ideal closer, be sure to think about the criteria you may need to consider such as performance in fire situations, resistance to opening forces, the control given over the rate of closing, safety, durability and whether there is a high risk of vandalism.

Protecting the door

When giving extra protection to your door there are many products that can assist in preventing wear and tear. Consider protective plates, push plates and pulls, edge guards, stops, gasketing and thresholds.

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