As any property manager knows, keeping those who are living in your apartment or condominium units safe, is of the utmost importance.

With tenants and condo owners moving in and out of units, it’s important to make sure that the space I ready for the next occupant as quickly as possible.  Part of ensuring that the unit is ready for the change of hands, involves ensuring that the locks have been rekeyed.

Regardless of the size of location of the building, making sure the locks are “new” provides safety and peace of mind for the next tenant and ensures that there are no remaining keys that could allow access to the unit. In some cases, property managers will leave the locks as they are, indicating that the tenant can have the locks changed at their discretion, however this can create issues if the property manager ever needed to enter the unit in an emergency and was left without a way to get into the unit.

Instead of property managers attempting to rekey their units alone, which can be a frustrating and time consuming process, consider working with Pop-A-Lock’s team of professionals.  Pop-A-Lock offers site visits and free estimates for properties looking to have their security measures enhanced by rekeying their locks. The company’s team approach saves time and money and property managers can rest assured that Pop-A-Locks qualified and trained locksmiths will get the job quickly and to a high standard of care.

Maintaining a high level of security within your building can be easily managed by utilizing a team of experts who understand the important of tenant safety.

To learn more about keeping your property safe, contact Pop-A-Lock today and speak with a trusted locksmith professional. Search on by city name or postal code.