An overview of Canada’s top home monitoring systems


As Canadian citizens, it’s fair to say that for the majority, we live in safe environments, but crime does happen in the great white north.  In fact, Statistics Canada reports more than 1.5 million incidents of property crimes, and more than 150,000 cases of breaking and entering a year!

Thankfully there are a multitude of home security options available to us that give us state-of-the-art security features and require very little in terms of set up and maintenance.


Frontpoint:  This top-of-the-line home security system is perfect for Canadians who are looking for peace of mind and security and are okay with installing the system themselves. With set up in under 15 minutes, no wiring or drilling, and no manual programming required, this is one of the favourites.  Front point offers a 30-day risk free trial, and has excellent customer service, but does require a long-term contract and some of more desired features are only available with the higher pricing options.

Vivint: This product is perfect for those who want the most high-tech and smart capable home security system. Vivint is 100 per cent wireless and doesn’t inter the aesthetics of your home, comes with a lifetime warranty, and the extra home automation features can’t be beat. However, Vivint doesn’t offer a ‘no money back guarantee’, it requires professional installation, requires a long-term contract and is at a higher price point.

ADT: This is the home security system for people who want the safety of the biggest security company around, and who aren’t looking to spend an arm and a leg to get it.  With a six-month money back guarantee, and affordable pricing, ADT is the go-to for many families looking to add a little extra security to their homes.  The trade-off for these benefits is that contracts tend to be on the long side, self-installation isn’t an option, and customer support can be lacking.

Bell Smart Home: Perfect for Bell’s existing TV, Internet and Phone base, Bell Smart Home allows its current customers to bundle one more service.  By bundling, customers save some money making it an affordable option, and its self-monitoring high-tech equipment gives homeowners the option to use devises like the Nest thermostat and cameras, as well as other home management devises.  As this is a newer service, some of the kinks are still being worked out, and customer service can be frustrating to deal with.

Honeywell’s Smart Home Security Kit:  This easy to install DIY security system uses an app to send alerts to your phone.  Its high-tech equipment and facial recognition software are well liked, but the cost of the system can be a little pricey. Honeywell also only offers self-monitoring, so homeowners who are looking for the added assurance of a third-party security service might want to look elsewhere.

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