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Winter Safety Kits For Your Car

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Winter Safety Kits For Your Car

Travelling by car in the winter can be dangerous, especially if you happen to break down or have an accident on slippery, icy roads. It’s a good idea to create a winter safety kit to keep in your car during these colder months. Here are some things you should consider putting in your kit to keep yourself and your passengers safe.


Things to keep you warm


If you have to wait for help to arrive, you may be waiting without heat. Pack spare blankets, gloves, hand warmers, mittens for the kids, extra socks and even sleeping bags to make sure you can keep everyone warm until help arrives.


Water and food


You could be in your car for many hours or even days in a ‘worst case’ scenario. Pack bottles of water and snacks such as energy bars so you’ll have something to eat. Dried fruit and candy bars are also good high-calorie choices to help you keep your strength up.


Sources of light


Pack a couple of flashlights, spare batteries, matches or lighters and candles so you can have a light source that won’t drain your car’s battery. Emergency flares are also a good idea because you’ll need some way for emergency services to find you if it’s dark outside.


Traction tools


If you get stuck in snow or ice, you’ll need some way to establish traction in order to get unstuck. Plain cat litter can be great for this, but also pack a small shovel so you can move snow or ice if you need to. Rock salt can melt ice, and sand can help establish traction, so consider adding one or both to your kit.


First aid kit


This should really be in your car all year round, but especially in winter. Fill it with bandages, alcohol wipes, over-the-counter pain and fever medicine and a pocket knife or scissors to cut bandages.