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Why You Need to Re-Key Your Locks

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Why You Need to Re-Key Your Locks

Rekeying locks is a great option when you need the security of new locks without the expense and trouble of completely replacing them. A professional locksmith can rekey your locks quickly and efficiently, keeping your home or business secure. Here are some reasons for rekeying locks.


You’ve lost your keys


If you’ve lost your keys and have no idea where they could be, consider rekeying the locks. If someone finds your keys, they could gain access to your home and you may not even realize it. If someone took your keys, they’ll be disappointed to find that the newly rekeyed locks means no easy access for them to steal from you.


You move into a new home


Do you know how many people had a copy of your key before you moved into your new home? The answer could be higher than you think, and if any of these key holders try to come into your home, they’ll face no resistance from a front door that they still have a functioning key to access it. A simple rekey eliminates the risk of unwanted former owners or their friends gaining access to your home.


Your locks are old and worn


If you live in an older home, your locks may not be as sturdy as you need them to be. Locks, and their mechanisms, wear out over time. Replacing them completely can be costly, but rekeying them allows your locksmith to make minor repairs and improve the security of the existing locks.


Keeping your business safe after you fire someone


If a disgruntled employee has keys to your business, rekey the locks immediately. You never know what an angry person will do, especially if they feel that they were treated unfairly. Lock rekeying is a fast and efficient way to secure your premises if this situation arises.