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When Should I Change my Locks vs. When Should I Rekey my Locks

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When Should I Change my Locks vs. When Should I Rekey my Locks

Rekeying your locks can be a very cost efficient way to ‘change’ your home’s locks without actually replacing them. By changing out the tumbler pins in your existing lock, a locksmith can essentially give you a different lock, requiring a new key, in just minutes. How do you know whether you should have your locks rekeyed or actually changed out for new ones? Here are some scenarios when you may want to rekey your locks, and some times when you might want new locks entirely.


Changing your locks


Sometimes, you’ll just want to change out those old locks for new ones. There are numerous reasons why, and here are a few.

  1. You want to upgrade your security. Rekeying doesn’t change the security of your lock, it only changes the key that is used in that lock. If you want a newer, more secure lock, or if you want one of the new electronic keyless locks, you’ll need to change out your old ones. This is probably best left to a locksmith, especially if you are changing the type of lock completely, because new holes may need to be drilled to accommodate the locking mechanisms.
  2. You want to change the look of your locks. If they’re old and rusted, or if they just don’t match the decor of your home that well, you can change your locks out for a different look. Changing the look of the lock, but not the type, is fairly easy, so you may be able to do this yourself. If you don’t feel comfortable, call your locksmith and they’ll be glad to help.
  3. You want to rekey all the locks in your home to work on the same key. Rekeying your locks to work on the same key only works if the locks are all the same type. If you only want one key to unlock all the doors in your home, change all the locks to the same style and then have them rekeyed.

Rekeying your locks


Rekeying is fast and less expensive than changing out your locks. Here are a few instances when you might want to have your home’s locks rekeyed.

  1. You want one key to work in every lock. Of course, this only works if all the locks have the same style or the same type of keyhole, but once they’re rekeyed, you only have to deal with one key.
  2. You need to be sure no one has access to a working key to your door locks. If you’ve moved into a new home, separated from a spouse or partner and worry about them getting back into the home, or lost your key and want to make sure that whoever finds it can’t enter the home, have the locks rekeyed. Then, the old key won’t work anymore, and your home will be secure.
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