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What lock lubricant is recommended by Pop-A-Lock?

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We recommend a commercial spray called Lock Saver. It flushes out the lock and leaves a dry film on the components inside. This brand is usually only available through lock distributors.
The recommended off-the-shelf brand is a liquid product called Tri-Flow  It is formulated with PTFE and leaves a dry film inside the lock like Lock Saver.  Tri-Flow is available most bicycle and sewing machine shops. You only need a drop or two in each lock, so a small bottle will last you a long time.

Graphite grease is not the best product for lubricating locks. It builds up over time and prevents the pins inside the lock from working. 


Some security professionals will use a very light coating of graphite dust when assembling a lock cylinder. But that’s the only time graphite should be used.  Other products to avoid is WD-40 and any silicone-based lubricant.  A “wet” lubricant will attract dust and eventually dry out and gum up the lock over time.