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What Every Parent Needs to Know about Winter Safety

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What Every Parent Needs to Know about Winter Safety

Winter can be a fun time for children, especially if it snows. However, parents need to be aware that winter weather can bring serious risks for children. Here are some things every parent needs to know about winter safety so they can keep their kids safe.


Hypothermia is a real danger to kids


It’s not enough to simply bundle your kids up in their winter coats before sending them outside for unlimited playtime. Children generate less body heat than adults, so they can experience hypothermia faster than adults do.

  • Limit the amount of time your children play outside when it’s cold.
  • Check their clothing often to make sure it isn’t wet, as this can lead to more rapid loss of body heat.
  • Hypothermia can hit when you leave your children unattended in cars. It doesn’t take long for the temperature inside the car to drop, and children can develop hypothermia or frostbite fairly quickly. Parents should also know that leaving the car running is a bad idea, since snow or ice could block the exhaust pipe, leading to carbon monoxide poisoning.

Kids should use the buddy system


Children should never be allowed to play outside in the ice and snow alone. A slip or a fall could be deadly if there is no one around to get help quickly.


Take precautions when sledding or snowboarding


Make sure that children wear safety helmets when sledding to prevent head injuries. They should avoid sledding in crowded areas, and always try to remain visible.


Avoid snowbanks and snowplows


Snow banks may look like fun places to play, but they can be hazardous. Crumbling snow could fall onto your child, covering them and making them impossible to see. Also, snow plows could fail to spot them, and potentially run them over or pile more snow onto them.


Keeping your children safe is a top priority when the weather gets cold and icy, so use these safety tips to help ensure you children have a fun, safe winter.


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