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Ways to De-Ice your Car Door Locks

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Ways to De-Ice your Car Door Locks

If you’ve ever been frozen out of your car, you’ll know it can be frustrating. If moisture from rain or snow gets inside the locking mechanism, it can freeze solid, making it impossible to get your car to unlock. Fortunately, there are some solutions. Here are a few of the ways to (and not to) de-ice your car door locks.


Commercial lock de-icer


This is the best way to de-ice your locks because it is specially formulated to be safe for your car and its locking mechanisms. The spray de-icer contains alcohol, which melts the ice and frees up the mechanism. It is applied directly to the lock, although you can also apply it to your car key. This method may take several tries, and likely needs 5-10 minutes to work properly, but it can save the day when your locks are frozen.


You can also use commercial de-icer to prevent your locks from freezing. Apply a small amount of the solution to your locks before the temperature drops, and it could save you a lot of hassle from a frozen door lock.




You can use sunlight to help remove ice from your locks, but you have to be proactive and plan ahead in order to take advantage of the heat from the sun. Park your car in a place where the lock will receive direct sunlight in the early morning hours. This will allow the sunlight to warm the lock and melt the ice, allowing you to get into your car easily.


No Hot Water


Avoid using hot water. Pouring hot water on your car’s door locks may actually cause more harm than good.


No Chipping


Chipping at the ice can also cause more damage than good. It may actually break off more than the ice and take some of your car with it.


The best way to deal with frozen locks is to avoid getting them in the first place. If possible, keep your car in a garage or sunny spot so you won’t have to deal with de-icing your car locks in cold weather.