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Understand Key Duplication

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Understand Key Duplication

You want to have a copy of a key made, but it’s not always as easy as going to the hardware store and getting one cut. When it comes to key duplication, there are a few things that consumers must understand before they can get their duplicates made.


House and Business Keys


Your locksmith may not be able to duplicate your house or business key as easily as you think. Some keys, like the ones in security locks, are designed to only be duplicated by the manufacturer. This is meant to provide added security for the lock owner, though it might make getting duplicates a little more of an effort.


If you want a key that is difficult to duplicate, be sure to ask your locksmith specifically for a restricted security key. These are the ones that can only be duplicated by the locksmith who made the coded original. Don’t assume that any key marked “Do Not Duplicate” is a proper security key. Some regular keys are marked this way to deter copying the key, but they can still be duplicated.


Car Keys


Not long ago, car keys were easily copied by most locksmiths. This was because the transponder that is used in modern car keys wasn’t used a few decades ago, making those simple auto keys a breeze to copy.


Today, it’s hard to find a car that doesn’t have a transponder built into the key fob. The purpose of a transponder chip is to prevent the car from starting if the chip is not present, thus preventing thieves from hot-wiring the car.


If you need a copy of your transponder key, you may think that your car dealership is the only place to get one. However, more locksmiths are offering the service, which includes programming the new key to perform the activities of the old one. Ask your locksmith if he can do this for you before running off to an expensive car dealership to get a copy of your car key made.