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Tricks to Remember your Car Keys

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Tricks to Remember your Car Keys

How many times have you prepared to leave the house, only to find that you can’t find your keys? It’s a common problem that seems to get worse as you age, but it doesn’t have to plague you forever. Here are some simple tricks to help you remember your car keys, or anything else you may forget.


Pick a permanent home


Make it a point to put your keys in the same place every time you walk into the house. This is where your keys live; it’s their home. Once you associate your keys with this place in your house, you’ll automatically go there to find your keys. No more searching, and a lot less stress when it’s time to leave home.


Keep your keys with your wallet


Keeping your keys with your wallet or cellphone will make it easier to remember exactly where they are. You know you aren’t leaving the house without your wallet, so having your keys nearby just makes good sense. You could also keep your keys inside your shoe so that you are forced to take them out before you put the shoes on.


Put them in your pocket


Have you ever walked into a store carrying your car keys, and walked out again, without them? It’s not uncommon to sit your keys down on the counter while you pay, but forget them when you leave. Try putting your keys in your pocket when you take them out of the car ignition so you don’t accidentally walk off without them.


Have a backup plan


If all else fails, keep a spare set of keys somewhere you can get to them. This is true for both your home and your car keys, because if you forget and lock your keys inside the car, the spare set of keys could save you having to call a locksmith.