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Top Vehicle Security Tips

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Top Vehicle Security Tips

Vehicle security should always be a priority when you are out and about. After all, your vehicle is your way home, and you don’t want to risk having it stolen or having items stolen from inside the car. Here are some top vehicle security tips to keep your car safer, wherever you go.


Park in a well-lit, highly visible area


Dark parking lots can hide lots of criminal activities, including car break-ins. Look for a spot that’s out in the open, under a light, if possible, so potential thieves have nowhere to hide. This also makes it easier to find your car, because you’ll be able to spot it clearly.


Check the interior of your car before you get in


Always make it a habit to glance in the back seat before opening the door to your car. If someone is going to hide in your car in an effort to harm you, that’s the most likely place they’ll be. You can also check to make sure that you don’t have anything in the back seat that could be tempting to a thief, increasing your risk of a break-in.


Choose self-parking lots


Valets may be convenient, but they’re not the most secure way to park your car. Once you hand your car keys over, you have no idea who may have access to them, and your car. Even if your valet is reliable, someone else could take your keys and use them to remove items from your car, or they could just take your vehicle. Choose parking lots where you park your own vehicle for better security.


Stash belongings in the trunk


Leaving valuable items like your purse or smartphone in your car is like placing an ad for thieves to come and break into your vehicle. Instead of leaving things inside the car, take the time to lock them in the trunk. Out of sight, out of mind, at least in the eyes of thieves.


Just be sure to put things in your trunk before you reach your next destination. In other words, don’t shop at A, drive to B, put things from A in the trunk in plain sight, then go inside B and shop some more. If you are seen putting things in the trunk of your car, thieves will know that there’s something worth stealing inside of it, and they could break into your trunk to get it.