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Top Home Security Tips

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Top Home Security Tips

Your home is your castle, and like a castle, you need to keep it fortified and secure at all times. Fortunately, you don’t need a moat and a drawbridge to do this. You just need these top home security tips, and your home will be “as safe as houses.”


Know who has keys to your home


When you first move into your home, you need to be aware that anyone who has ever had a key to your front door could still have access to your home. This can mean that quite a few people could simply enter your home without you even being aware, so you need to update your security pronto.


Have your locks rekeyed or replaced entirely, so you know that you’re the only one who has access to your home.


Make sure you have a sturdy door


A sturdy exterior door and sturdy door frame can mean the difference between being a target for thieves and actually being robbed. Sturdy doors that can’t be force easily make it more difficult for thieves to get in and out quickly, making your home a less attractive target. Make sure the door hinges are located on the inside, because this makes it harder for thieves to pry them loose and gain entry.


Install a deadbolt


A properly installed deadbolt is one of the most effective locks available for homes. It’s much harder for thieves to break in when the deadbolt is set; firmly connecting the door to the frame every time you lock it.


Keep your entrances well illuminated


This makes any intruder highly visible from the street, and makes your house less attractive because of it. Also, leave lights on inside your house when you go out. Put them on a timer to give the illusion that someone is home at all times.


Get an alarm


An alarm can be an effective deterrent, and the louder, the better. Thieves don’t want any attention drawn to them, and an alarm does just that.


Keep a good relationship with your neighbours


It’s always good to have your neighbours around to watch out for your home when you’re not there. Just be sure to return the favour, and you’ll make your street a safer place to live.