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Top Business Security Tips

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Top Business Security Tips

Your business is only as secure as you make it, and if you aren’t actively taking steps to keep it secure, you could risk a break-in or theft from someone inside your company. Here are some top business security tips to help keep your business and employees safe and secure.


Make sure everyone knows their role


All of your employees play an important role in keeping your business secure. Whether they are responsible for opening or closing procedures, are backup keyholders, or they are just regular employees with no keys, they should all be familiar with your security practices so they can do their part.


Complete regular security audits


One of the best ways to ensure that your employees know how to follow security procedures is to have regular security audits. You can catch any mistakes they are making, find any potential weaknesses in your security system, and head off any small problems before they become big ones that could cost your business money.


Keep track of keys and access cards


You should always know exactly who has access to your business property, including any former employees. Keep track of who has keys, access cards or passcodes that allow them access to your premises. Update the list regularly, so you don’t have any missing information.


Change locks as needed


If you fire an employee, be sure that they don’t have a key to get back into the building when you’re not there. If necessary, change the locks or have them rekeyed so that disgruntled former employees can’t gain access to the building and cause damage to your property.


Keep your property properly illuminated


Proper lighting around your premises, especially near entrances, can deter thieves and keep your employees safe as they enter and leave when it’s dark. Most thieves won’t risk picking a lock if they think they’ll be seen, so keep your lighting in good condition at all times.