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Tips for Keeping Schools Secure

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Schools are meant to be a place where children are safe from harm, but unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Tasked with keeping kids safe from dangerous intruders or anyone trying to gain unauthorized access to the children, schools need to know the best ways to keep their buildings secure. Here are some tips for keeping schools secure, so parents and staff can have the peace of mind they deserve.


Use technology to your advantage


Doors with buzzers that require staff to manually allow visitors to enter are good, but only if they are used properly. Never leave doors propped open or disengage the lock to avoid having to manually open the door. You never know when someone may slip into the school unnoticed and cause harm to children or staff.


Cameras placed in parking lots or other exterior parts of the school grounds can allow staff to keep an eye on any activity that happens there.


Teach students and staff the correct procedures for safety


Students should know that only members of staff are allowed to let visitors into the building. It’s a good idea to have regular safety meetings which involve both students and staff to help remind them of the best practices in school safety.

Lockdown drills should be practiced just as fire drills and tornado drills are practiced. This helps children prepare for a potentially dangerous, scary event in a way that is reassuring to the children.


Use multiple layers of safety


Exterior door locks alone aren’t enough to make a school secure. Interior locks that feature “classroom/intruder” functions should also be used. These allow teachers to securely lock the classroom doors from the inside, should a dangerous situation arise.


Encourage students and staff to report any unusual or threatening incidents


Whether it’s an angry comment from a parent, or an outright threat from a student, take it seriously. Often, there are small warning signs that can indicate that a threat is imminent. These signs can also be an opportunity to diffuse the situation and prevent tragedy from ever occurring.


Use these tips to help keep schools the safe place that our children and teachers deserve.