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The Top 3 Pieces of Home Security Advice

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The Top 3 Pieces of Home Security Advice

There is a lot of bad home security advice floating around out there. You’ve probably heard (and maybe even believe) a lot of it, but you could be putting your home and family at risk if you do. Instead, listen to these top three pieces of home security advice and keep your home safer.


Don’t rely on your location to keep you safe from burglaries


You can live in the quietest, richest, most upscale part of town and still become a victim of burglary. Too many people fall for the ‘not in my neighbourhood’ mindset when it comes to home security, but the truth is, burglars can strike anywhere, anytime.


Don’t rely on living in a low crime area, or having lots of great neighbours to watch out for your home, to keep it safe. Install and use adequate locks on your doors and windows, consider installing a home security system with an alarm, and make your home less attractive to burglars by keeping curtains drawn and using landscaping that doesn’t create spaces for burglars to hide while attempting to gain access to your home.


Also, don’t count on the presence of a ‘guard dog’ to deter burglars. Most dogs will run away when confronted by strangers and determined burglars may harm your pet to gain access to your home. Let a home security system be your guard dog and keep your pet ‘off duty.’


Don’t keep your spare key hidden outside your door


It may seem like a good idea, but most burglars know how to look for (and find) your spare in minutes or less. Why leave a way for burglars to get into your home that easily? Instead, leave a spare with a trusted neighbour, hide one in your garage if it’s only accessible by a code, or keep an unlabeled spare in your car. Just be sure to have your locks rekeyed if you lose any of your spares to prevent unauthorized access to your home.


Alternatively, you could install a keyless access lock on your doors. These can be unlocked by putting in a code that you choose, so only you and your family can open the doors.


Keep your doors and windows locked, even while you’re home


This is true especially if you are home alone or alone with small children. Burglars don’t discriminate as to when they break in, so an unlocked door could be an invitation for a home invasion. Lock them every time, and keep your family safe.


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