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The shift to electronic locks. Here are some valuable insights.

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If you are looking for a cost-effective way to keep your property safe, electronic locks may be just what you’re looking for. By delivering many of the same benefits as a traditional Electronic Access Control (EAC) system with increased security, convenience and efficiency, it is a no-brainer for many.


Electronic locks allow for a reduction in re-keying costs through the issuance of electronic credentials (i.e. pin codes or smart cards) which can easily be changed.  They combine the electrified lock, a credential reader, door position and request-to-exit switches all within one device which also allows for easy installation.

So how do you pick the right electronic lock for your needs?  Pop-A-Lock’s knowledgeable locksmiths can help you navigate through all of the considerations, but it is important to consider the following:


What do you want to manage your user base and openings?

Standalone electronic locks whether manually programmed or computer managed, are well suited for buildings where there is a limited number of people who will have access to the door, and the data is easily accessed and changed by the appropriate person.  If you are looking to make changes and receive data from your lock from a centralized system rather than accessing it in person, consider a Networked lock. These also provide real-time status updates and alerts.


Do you want to use PIN codes, cards or mobile credentials?

If you want to use PIN codes for your locks they offer a cost-effective solution when you have a small user population. Assigning and tracking unique PIN codes for each user allows for easy access, but also allows for security to be amended when needed.  Cards are available in magnetic stripe, proximity and smart cards. If you are looking for the greatest level of security and flexibility consider the smart card. If pin codes and smart cards aren’t to your liking, try looking into whether mobile credentials would be a fit. This new trend provides users with the convenience of using a compatible smart phone rather than a card or key.

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