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The Most Common Ways Burglars Enter Homes

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To have an idea what home security is all about, you must first understand how burglars think, what they look for and how they behave. An average burglar fears getting caught the most. Hence, he looks for an easy target, a house that can be easily entered, such as through an open door or window. Though, if there is an alternate way, such as entering through the second floor window by a ladder casually lying on the ground nearby, a burglar might take it instead. This is an ideal situation for a burglar, because it means minimal time spent around the house and the least amount of effort trying to enter.


It is said that every crime is a crime of opportunity, and this holds especially true with burglary. Not providing burglars with those opportunities is step one.


You need to be vigilant about protecting your home on a regular basis. This means properly closing and locking all the doors and windows on your house, including the garage door and the bathroom window, every time you leave it. The most efficient way of dealing with burglary is to avoid attracting unwanted attention with open doors and windows, while having an inconspicuous security system that will resist attempts at forced entry.


There is no definite point after which you will have to stop looking after your security. It is a case of constant vigilance and there is never an end; it only gets easier with the help of high-security locks, deadbolts and steel-reinforced doorframes.


In the end, you want to feel safe and secure in your home at all times, so make the efforts necessary to protect you and your family from potential burglars.