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The importance of picking the right locksmith: CBC Marketplace address scams within the locksmith industry

The importance of picking the right locksmith: CBC Marketplace address scams within the locksmith industry

We’ve all been there before – we forget our keys, or a key breaks in the lock and we must rely on the expertise of a locksmith to get us into our homes or cars. But what happens when the experts that we are turning to aren’t in fact experts?

In a recent CBC Marketplace Expose, more than 80 Toronto area locksmith listings on Google Maps are found to have bogus information.  The investigation into the locksmith industry uncovered an expansive network of fake locations and fake five-star reviews for locksmith companies listed within the Greater Toronto Area.


In the wake of these troubling revelations, Toronto area residents are having navigate through unclear and overpriced service fees and quotes, to shoddy work, to flat out lies about the company. So how do you pick the right locksmith company?


Pete Crouse, the President of Pop-A-Lock Canada shares his concerns, “We realize that finding a legitimate locksmith, particularly in an emergency can be troubling.  Do all your due diligence on your phone or desktop; ask questions and make sure you get the answers you require to make a good decision.  We have provided some of those below.”


With almost 20 years in the industry, Pop-A-Lock has grown to become one of the largest security networks in the world, dedicated to exceptional customer service. Pop-A-Lock is passionate about providing security solutions for homes, businesses and vehicles.  Our locksmiths are trained with the latest technology and will arrive in a Pop-A-Lock branded vehicle and uniform. Each one of our employees are security checked and compliant, and you can trust that we show up when we say we will. There are no hidden fees to our service, and our nationwide coverage allows for a high level of consistency.

Considering the discoveries found within the CBC Marketplace expose, it’s important for customers to be able to identify a potential locksmith scam.  Here is a quick list of red flags that you might encounter if you are dealing with a locksmith company that is not legitimate.

  • You reach an operator who uses a generic phrase like "service” or "locksmith”, but not the name of the business you called.
  • The operator quotes you a price like $15 "and up”. It’s the "and up” part that you need question.
  • They promise a 15-minute response but take several hours to arrive. When you call back, they say the person is right around the corner.
  • The individual arrives in an unmarked vehicle and is not dressed in a company uniform.
  • The individual does not present a provincial locksmith license or other form of identification.
  • They insist on being paid in cash, sometimes up front.
  • They fiddle around with your lock, then start talking about installing an expensive replacement.
  • It’s impossible to follow up with the business after the fact

Whether you’re locked out, or you are just looking to assess and upgrade your security needs, Pop-A-Lock’s knowledgeable staff will work with you

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