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The Importance of a Security Audit

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The Importance of a Security Audit

Security audits are a good idea for businesses and homeowners, because your property’s security is important. If you want to keep your family or business safe, you need to understand which parts of your premises are most vulnerable to a security breach.


Learn which areas are most vulnerable


A security audit can help you identify potential trouble spots in your overall security.

  • Are your doors and windows properly secured?
  • Are locks broken or damaged?
  • Is the exterior of the property secure?

Many times, security is an afterthought that only gets attention after a break-in. Conducting regular security audits can help keep security a priority at all times.


Understand each person’s role in keeping the property secure


In your business, security audits can help understand their role in keeping the building and its contents secure. You can update employee control systems, give or revoke access privileges, and remind everyone of your established security protocol.

In your home, you can remind family members that they all have a role to play in keeping the home secure. Remind children to keep doors and windows closed and locked, make sure no one has a key to the home that shouldn’t have one, and review home security plans. Make sure that everyone knows how to keep the house secure, so you can all rest easier.


Fix any problem areas before you have trouble


Whether you’re securing your home or business property, security audits can help you catch small problems before they become big security issues. You can repair broken locks, replace burned-out lightbulbs and rekey locks, if necessary. This can prevent anyone who isn’t supposed to have access to the property, like a former owner orkeyholder, gain access.

Don’t wait for a break-in to make security a priority; have regular security audits so you can rest easy all the time.