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Staying Safe on Roads during Icy Conditions

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Safe driving can be a challenge even in the best of times. Most people today can be categorized as careless drivers so a lot of precautions should be taken when on the road. This is need to take precautions, is further amplified during dangerous icy road conditions.


Without some proper safety steps, accidents are bound to occur when surfaces are icy. The following are some actions to consider when driving in icy road conditions:

  • Perhaps the safest precaution to take would be to wait until the roads are declared safe for use. Although it is not always possible to be patient and wait, this option would be better than ending up in a 20 car pile-up on the motorway.
  • Driving at a much slower speed is also another important consideration to exercise. Expecting to get somewhere faster is not only silly but will also put you in harm’s way. It will also cause your vehicle to skid when you suddenly need to brake.
  • Driving on icy surface road requires some skill maneuvering talents. If you are not used to driving in such conditions it is better not to risk injury or even possible death by attempting to drive during these conditions.
  • Safety belts are so important is ensuring you don’t get flung about when your car skids on the icy road surface. Ensure everyone is bucked up and safe if you are forced to drive on icy surfaces.
  • Check the weather conditions before starting your journey and take all possible changes into consideration so that you are completely prepared for any negativity. Learn a little about how to gauge weather changes and its effects on road surfaces.
  • Avoid braking suddenly and hard, as your car is very likely to spin out of control and pose a danger to others on the road too.
  • Keep your speed slow so that braking is kept minimal at all times.
  • Keep a firm hold of the steering wheel and steer the car in the direction you want it to follow even when the rear wheels are sliding and losing their grip.