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Smart keys for cars and trucks. What has changed ?

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Smart keys for cars and trucks.  What has changed ?

Over the past decade or so, our automotive innovations have skyrocketed. Whether it’s a touch screen dashboard, being able to start your car without a key, or complicated changes to our cars internal computers, the advancements have been fast and furious. But how has that impacted something as simple as the car lock?


Many newer model cars now use high security keys, a security system that involves more complicated and advanced technologies. They can use technology such as radar and other specialty feature gadgets. The benefits of these keys are that they provide a high level of security for your vehicle, protecting against theft, but if you happen to lose one of these keys, it can be a challenge to find a replacement, and can be quite costly.


These electronic keys offer a high level of security than the standard metal keys that older models use, but they are more fragile, and can often become non-functioning if they get wet or are dropped.


Pop-A-Lock offers automotive locksmith service, and can get you into your car in no time.  Our highly trained automotive locksmiths use specialized diagnostic equipment capable of programming most vehicles on the road today. Whether you want a new key cut, an old one reprogrammed, or an entirely new one created, Pop-A-Lock will work to match your needs and every key is guaranteed to work.


Have a lost or broken transponder or a smart key? Pop-A-Lock can also assist with those regardless of your car brand and model. Whether you have a high security locking device, a transponder or smart key, a switchblade key or an older metallic key, Pop-A-Lock’s team of trusted professionals can help you with all of your auto lock needs.

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