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Six Home Security Tips

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Six Home Security Tips

No matter how safe your neighborhood is, the unfortunate reality is that criminals do not discriminate and nowhere is 100% safe. It is always better to be too cautious when it comes to the safety of yourself and your loved ones. Here are some simple, yet effective ways to make your home as safe as possible.


Deadbolt locks.


Deadbolt locks may be more expensive than regular spring latch locks, but they are much stronger and provide maximum security to your exterior doors. Be sure to leave as little space as possible between the door and frame in order to prevent an intruder from prying the door apart.


Interior door hinges.


Having door hinges on the exterior of your home makes them far more vulnerable to being tampered with. If possible, readjust all doors so that the hinges are on the inside of your home.


Invest in an effective alarm system.


Obviously one of the best ways to keep intruders away from your home is an alarm system. Not only will a blaring siren cause an intruder to panic, it will also alert both you and neighbors that something is going on in the neighborhood. When installing your alarm system, be sure to hide all wiring so that it cannot be tampered with.


Make sure your home always looks occupied.


If you plan on going out, even just for a few hours, leave some lights on and perhaps a television or radio on to give the impression that someone is at home. You should also ensure that your home is locked at all times, even if you are simply stepping out for a few minutes to run an errand.


Get to know your neighbors.


A strong community within a neighborhood means that you always have someone keeping an eye out for any strange activity at your home, should you plan a vacation. You could also get involved in a neighborhood watch.


Get a dog.


Dogs are not only great family pets, they are also important when it comes to guarding your home. Most intruders would be put off entering a property that has dogs on guard-either out of fear, or to avoid the possibility of a dog alerting owners to potential intruders.


For more information about keeping your home safe and secure, click here to download our Home Security Inspection Checklist.