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Securing Your Home During the Winter

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Securing Your Home During the Winter

Winter may be a cozy time for staying indoors, but unfortunately, it’s also a time when burglaries increase. Keep your home cozy and secure with these winter home security tips.


Light it up


Shorter days mean lots more opportunities for burglars to lurk in the shadows around your home, planning their breakin. Install security lights near every exterior door and consider putting a security camera up in a spot where it can be seen clearly. This could be a visual deterrent to thieves who are looking to make a quiet, unseen entrance.


Lock your doors


Don’t rely on your watchful neighbours or the dog in your backyard to keep burglars away--lock your doors and your windows any time you leave the house. Get in the habit of locking them up at night, too. Home intrusions can be terrifying, and burglars often panic when they break into a home only to find the occupants inside. Take the small precaution of locking up to keep your home safe and secure.


Don’t hide your spare


It can be tempting to hide a spare key under your doormat or in a planter, but thieves know all these hiding places. Instead, leave a key with a trusted neighbour or consider installing a keyless lock. This will allow you to unlock your door remotely, from your car, so you won’t have to fumble with your key in the cold weather. You can also unlock you door for other family members, like your children, without giving them the added responsibility of keeping up with a house key.


Consider adding an alarm


Most burglars are opportunists who sneak in and out before anyone can notice that they shouldn’t be there. Make it harder for them by installing a loud alarm on your doors and windows that will alert your neighbours or even the police if someone enters your home without your permission. The loud noise could be enough of a deterrent alone, or you use an alarm connected to a security system that phones the police when it is triggered.


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