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School Transportation Safety

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School Transportation Safety

Back to school time may mean your child is making their own way to school, either by walking, riding a bike, or even catching a bus. However your child makes their way to school, make it safer with these school transportation safety tips.


Walking to school


Walk your child to school the first day so that they are familiar with the route. Be sure to point out any hidden dangers and blind spots that your child needs to know about, especially if they have to cross the street. Remind them that crossing at a corner or intersection is always safest, and point out any pedestrian crosswalks they should use.


For children ages ten and under, it’s best if they walk in a group that is supervised by an adult. Remind them to always use a sidewalk if one is available, and if there isn’t one, they should walk facing traffic for the highest visibility.


Biking to school


If your child takes their bike to school, teach them proper bike safety and make sure they always wear a helmet. Bright clothes are also a good idea to help make them more visible to drivers.


Remind them to follow traffic rules, including stopping at traffic lights and stop signs. Get them in the habit of looking in every direction before taking off, and wait for cars to signal them to pass or cross.


If they have to ride at night, make sure they are wearing reflective clothing and using a bike light so they can see where they are going.


Riding a bus


Even catching a bus to school can be dangerous if children aren’t taught about safety. Children need to be reminded about visibility when waiting for a bus or crossing to enter a bus. Teach them to stay at least 6 feet back away from the curb when the bus is stopping to pick them up, and to wait until it has come to a complete stop before moving towards it.


If your child must cross in front of the bus, teach them to cross far enough away from the front so that they can make eye contact with the driver. Remind them to never try and retrieve items dropped near the bus, unless the driver gives them permission.