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School Security Tips

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School Security Tips

Schools take the subject of security very seriously. Nothing is more important than the safety of the students and teachers, and unfortunately, there are many risks that schools have to consider. Here are some school security tips to help keep your school safe.


Keep all exterior doors locked


This is one of the most effective ways to keep your school safe. If all visitors have to ask to be let in, you can keep track of who is supposed to be in the building, and keep those people who aren’t supposed to be there outside.

Teach students and staff to never open the door for anyone unless the administration approves.


Teach staff to be prepared


All the locks and security cameras in the world won’t keep a school safe. Unfortunately, security issues can occur even when these tools are in place. Make sure that your staff is trained to handle emergency situations such as outbreaks of school violence or an active shooter inside the school.


Have a plan in place, and make sure that everyone knows the safest place to go if there is an immediate threat of violence in the building.


Install interior door locks


If there is a threat of danger inside the school, particularly if weapons are involved, teachers need a way to isolate themselves and their students from the threat. Interior door locks provide a barrier that could mean the difference between life and death for the people inside the classroom.


Develop code words


If an incident occurs at the entrance to the school, a code word can be issued to discreetly notify teachers that they should keep students in the classroom. This can keep students safe and allow responders to deal with the situation discreetly. If the word is called out over the intercom, teachers can lock their classrooms or evacuate the building, depending on the code word. Make sure to have regular meetings with your staff so that updated code words are known by everyone who needs to know them.