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Safe Holiday Decorating

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Safe Holiday Decorating

Decorating your home for the holidays? Don’t end up spending the season in the emergency room. Decorate safely with these holiday decorating safety tips.


Tree safety


Real trees are pretty, but they can pose a fire hazard. Make sure you keep your tree away from all heat sources and keep it watered, topping it up daily, if needed. The fresher the tree, the lower the fire hazard, so look for one that isn’t dropping needles and still has sap oozing from its base.


Make sure that the cords to the lights on your tree don’t lie across busy walking areas or they could pose a trip hazard. If they do have to be where people walk, put a rug down over them or tape them to the floor securely so they won’t trip people walking on them.


Holiday lights


Never use lights that are frayed or broken, even if they illuminate. You could risk having a short that could trigger a fire. Only use lights made for outdoor use outside, and be careful when hanging them, especially if it’s icy outside.


Use a ladder that’s tall enough to reach where you need to hang the lights, and don’t stretch to hang them or you could lose your balance and fall. Use clips to attach them to the side of your house or porch, and never nail directly into the light’s wires.


Use candles safely


Make sure lit candles are sitting flat on a level, stable surface well away from kids and pets. Never leave them burning unattended, and blow them out before going to bed. Also, keep them away from other decorations that might fall over and catch fire, like tinsel or garland.


Holiday plants


Keep your pretty poinsettias and mistletoe far away from your pets. The plants may look jolly, but they could make your pet very sick if they are eaten. Even better, buy artificial plants that you can reuse year after year.