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Proximity keys...the good, the bad and the ugly. Pop-A-Lock sheds light on your car keys.

Proximity keys...the good, the bad and the ugly.  Pop-A-Lock sheds light on your car keys.

Proximity Technology: A blessing and a curse


One of the benefits of the world that we live in is convenience. We can talk to home operating systems, we have hands-free calling and we can program our homes and cars from a distance. But does that convenience come at a price?

One of the most common features on newer model cars these days keyless entry. Proximity technology allows the user to unlock the car and even start it without actually touching the key fob. As long as the fob is within a certain range of the vehicle, you can hop in and go.


When the coded signal in the fob matches with the coded signal in the cars internal computer, the vehicles internal systems activate, including the starter. This means that your keys can be buried in a pocket or at the bottom of a purse and you can still get into your car and go. Sounds like a win-win right?


As with anything in life there are always drawbacks to consider.



Given the nature of proximity technology, there have been instances where cars have been started remotely, or have not been properly shut down, and have led to deaths within the U.S. In one instance, a Florida man believed his car to be turned off after having parked it in his garage. The next day he was found deceased, having died from carbon monoxide that had come in through the garage and filled his home while he slept.


Whether it is the proximity technology turning the vehicle back on, or a misunderstanding of whether the vehicle has actually been turned off, a number of people have suffered injury. After decades of manually shutting a car off combined with noisier engines of the past, it can be an adjustment for many, especially given that some newer car models also allow the car to be locked with the engine running.



As with any “hot” trend, the number of thefts increases and proximity technology is no different. Security experts have repeatedly warned car owners that there is a risk of crossed signals from the key to the car. This has, for the most part need addressed by the manufacturers i.e. the key may need to be in the vehicle somewhere for the car to start, or limiting the range at which the technology works, the technology exists (and is on the rise) to counteract these security attempts.


When it comes to keeping your car secure, there are a number of options to choose from.  Call Pop-A-Lock today to discuss which of those options is best for you.


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