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Protect Your Home While You Travel Over the Holidays

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Protect Your Home While You Travel Over the Holidays

If you plan on travelling during the holidays, make sure your home is secure while you’re away. You wouldn’t want to come home to a nasty surprise, courtesy of your local burglars. Use these tips to make your home more secure while you’re away for the holidays.

Hold your mail

If you’re going to be gone for more than a few days, go to the post office and ask them to hold your mail, or ask a trusted friend or neighbour to collect it for you each day. This will make sure that no one tampers with it and it doesn’t pile up, giving burglars a big tip-off that no one is home.

Put some lights and electronics on a timer

Put your television, some lights and a radio on a timer before you leave. This will make the house appear to be occupied while you are away.

Have someone drop by and check on your house a few times while you’re gone

Whether it’s a relative or just a trustworthy neighbour, having someone drop by your house and check on it inside and out can be a great idea. They can keep water your plants, keep an eye on the plumbing and give the general illusion that someone is there.

Don’t announce that you’re away

It can be tempting to share your holiday pictures on social media while you’re still on holiday, but don’t. That’s basically telling the whole world that you’re not at home, making you a target for thieves who might see the photos. Once you’re home, you can share all you want, but avoid it while you’re still away.

Lock your doors and windows

Make sure all your doors and windows are locked, even the one leading to your garage. Most garage doors are easy to break into, so don’t rely on the big door to keep your home secure. Lock it and the one leading into your home for maximum security.