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Power Outage Safety Security Tips

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Power Outage Safety Security Tips

Power outages can be more than just a minor annoyance. An outage that lasts for more than a few minutes can leave your family feeling vulnerable and frightened. In order to keep your family feeling safe and secure, follow these power outage safety/security tips.


Have a plan


If you plan ahead for an outage, you’ll feel less vulnerable. Make sure every family member knows what to do and where to go in case the power goes out. If you have small children, you may want to have a ‘practice’ session of implementing the plan by turning out all of your lights and doing what you would do in an actual emergency.


Part of your planning should include compiling an emergency kit that includes flashlights and batteries as well as a first aid kit and food/water.


Check your surroundings


Take a minute to step outside and see how far the power outage extends. If it’s throughout the entire neighbourhood, you may want to check with your neighbours to see if they need any help. You may be able to discern the cause for the outage, but if you can’t, just sit tight until either the power comes back on or until you hear an update on your weather radio.


Protect your home from a power surge


Once the power comes back on, all of your electronic devices will power on at once. This could cause a power surge and potentially damage your electronic devices, so unplug as many as you can in order to prevent this from happening.


Stay safe


You want to avoid getting yourself hurt or sick in a power outage, so take care if you are using candles for light or cooking. Don’t open your refrigerator or freezer unless you absolutely have to, and be careful eating any foods that have been refrigerated but that have warmed up during the outage. Food can spoil quickly without proper refrigeration, so throw out anything you aren’t sure about.


For more tips on being prepared for any emergency, or for great advice on keeping your home and family secure, visit Pop-A-Lock today.