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Pop-A-Lock Canada on CBC Marketplace Exploring Who You can Trust

Pop-A-Lock Canada on CBC Marketplace Exploring Who You can Trust

Pop-A-Lock has saved over 350,000 children locked in cars over the past 20 years in North America.  This time, Pop-A-Lock is protecting Canadian car owners from making the wrong choice on replacement keys and choosing a qualified locksmith to do the work.  There is overall 32 mm registered cars in Canada.  An alarming # of cars have either one remote or no key at all.


On Friday, April 1st, Pop-A-Lock Canada’s Most Trusted Team of locksmiths were featured on an episode of CBC Marketplace. The show focused on a potential issue around high tech vehicle theft, specifically calling attention to criminals and devices that can capture car key frequencies from their keyless entry fobs.   The vehicle key market changed in Canada in 2007, when all new cards sold in the country had immobilisers installed to increase vehicle security.  Cars could not be started unless the right key was matched to right vehicle.


Pop-A-Lock Canada President and CEO, Pete Crouse, shares his motivation for wanting to generate awareness around this threat,  “We realize the importance of providing consumers and businesses with the right products and trained professional locksmiths when dealing with today’s complex vehicle keys”.


Why would a reputable locksmith organization participate in this show topic, you may ask ?  Our role in the episode was to illustrate that everyone should first call a reputable and trusted locksmith when dealing with cars.  That, very few locksmiths have the ability to deal in this area of electronic car keys.  The program did not get into the intricate details of getting access to the right codes and information in order to properly pair the key to car.  That can only occur with approved professionals.


Click here to watch the episode. 


Pop-A-Lock is a North American network of trained, background checked and professional technicians providing a range of locksmithing services everyday.  Additional to the work we do on homes and businesses, one of our specialities is Automotive locksmithing.  It can include services like ignition repair, truck and door solutions, lock outs and most importantly the ability to cut and program any vehicle key today in the marketplace.  In some cases, a car will not even have a key anymore. We call that a “smart key”.  We can deal with those too.


Pop-A-Lock is a mobile service, so our techs can save you money and time by coming to you at your home and business to provide any service on your vehicle.  Our services are so dependable, the CAA has hired us to represent them in a variety of markets across Canada to service their members.

Pop-A-Lock recommends the following steps when considering a new or replacement key for your vehicle

  • Ensure you have 2 keys/remotes for your car. We call that “key” insurance. You don’t want you to be scrambling when you lose your only key
  • Call a trusted locksmith like Pop-A-Lock.
    • We are trained and approved to work on any vehicle.
    • We can save you hundreds of dollars in towing charges.
    • We will arrange to come to you.
  • Do not purchase a replacement key on any random e-commerce sites. In most cases, these keys have been rebuilt and are not 100 % guaranteed to work.