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Pop-A-Lock Canada is joining forces with Pina D'Intino and her team's goal of a Barrier Free Canada.

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Pop-A-Lock Canada is joining forces with Pina D'Intino and her team's goal of a Barrier Free Canada.

In the picture is Pina, her service guide dog Itsy and Pete from Pop-A-Lock.


I had the pleasure to meet with Pina D’Intino, the founder of Aequmm Global Access.  Aequmm Global Access.  Pina pioneered and founded a cross-institutional hub for accessibility and inclusion.  By way of creating awareness through building accessibility centers, strategies, roadmaps and solutions for organizations and employees.  There is a growing need for sustainable change in order to achieve inclusion and prosperity for all.  There are several regulations in place; the AODA (Accessibility Ontarian’s Disability Act), the ADA in the US or the UNCRPD affecting more than 160 countries.  In Ontario, the AODA has several regulations in place for businesses to adopt a commitment to accessibility by 2025.  Pop-A-Lock Canada is committed to provide the insight and solutions for organizations, communities and local businesses to meet the standards for barrier free access on both the exterior and interior of their offices, stores, or buildings. 


The numbers are staggering:


-$26 B of disposal income remains untapped due to inaccessibility of services and goods

-On the workforce, 48% of employable persons with disabilities remain unemployed despite competitive skills and long standing work ethics and loyalty.


Pina’s story is inspiring.  She lost her sight suddenly as a single mom with 3 kids at home.  She helped me better understand the real issues with disabilities; physical, learning, invisible ones that are not immediately apparent like the impact of the environment, visual or auditory, and chronic illnesses.  She phrased it simply as…an “event”, a “mismatch” between a person’s needs and what is there.  Pina introduced me to Barrier Free Canada (Barrier Free Canada), a movement to enact strong and an effective CDA, Canadian Disabilities Act.  There are still several provinces with work in progress traction so far.  We are working with our teams across Canada to proactively inform our customers and clients about providing accessible solutions.  The AODA is outlined in more detail AODA.


Pop-A-Lock is arming their owners and technicians with information to present to businesses in advance of 2025 here in Ontario..  This could include lever sets, access control, door pulls, locks, door operators, door closures, panic bars.  Call your local Pop-A-Lock near you to learn more.

Pete Crouse