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Myths and Facts about Key Duplication

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Myths and Facts about Key Duplication

The use of duplicated keys is a big problem for business security. In fact, it’s estimated that a whopping 40 percent of non-forced business break-ins are perpetrated using a duplicated key that was meant to be “restricted” from duplication. The unauthorized duplicated keys are bad news for business, but there are some things you can do to protect your business. Here are some myths and facts about key duplication that could save your business a lot of trouble.



Myth: Keys marked “Do Not Duplicate” can’t or won’t be duplicated by key cutters.

Fact: These keys are no more difficult to duplicate than any other keys, and most key cutters don’t care whether they are meant to be duplicated or not.


Myth: If a “Do Not Duplicate” key is duplicated, you are protected by the law in the case of a non-forced entry.

Fact: The “do not duplicate” factor of these keys can’t be enforced by the law, so you are not necessarily protected in the event of a break-in, and you typically won’t have any recourse against the key-cutter.


Myth: Many companies offer “restricted” keys that can’t be duplicated.

Fact: The term “restricted” typically just means that the use of the keys is restricted to certain employees. These keys are no more difficult to duplicate than any other type of key.


While most reputable locksmiths won’t duplicate a “Do Not Duplicate” key, many other key cutters will do so happily. The best way to prevent unauthorized duplication of keys is to use a professional locksmith to install a securely restrictive lock and key system at your business. By working together, you and your locksmith can keep your business secure at all times.