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Minimize Potential for Business Security Breaches During Employee Summer Vacations

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Thanks to today’s technology, you can now do at least some of your work from anywhere in the world, even when you’re on vacation. If you or your employees use mobile devices to access both work and personal information, you could be putting your business at risk of a security breach. Here are some ways you can minimize the potential for business security breaches during employee summer vacations.


Be careful with WiFi


Wi-Fi isn’t as secure as most people think, and it can take cyber criminals just seconds to gain access to your mobile device and its contents. This can be bad news if your employees have remote access to work computers on the device or if they carry sensitive business information on them.


Instead, encourage employees to add extra data or roaming packages to their mobile plans to cover their internet use while they are away.


Don’t leave your device unattended


All it takes is a few seconds for a thief to snatch your phone or tablet while you’re swimming or enjoying yourself. If you have to leave your device unattended, lock it up in your hotel safe. Don’t just leave it in the hotel room or your car, because thieves could still access it. If your room doesn’t have its own safe, ask at the front desk. Many hotels do offer this service for any valuables that you may have, and your device could be extremely valuable to a clever thief.


Discourage BYOD


It may seem drastic, but discouraging your employees from bringing their own personal mobile devices to use for business is a very effective way to keep your data safe. Instead, provide these devices for use at work, or encourage your employees to only use their home computer for work purposes, and not their mobile devices. This way, the information stays safely behind while your employee travels.