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Master Keying Solutions

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Master Keying Solutions

When you own a business, security is extremely important, but how can you balance access with security? If you have several (or more) keys distributed among your staff, it can be difficult to maintain proper security, but this doesn’t mean you have to leave your business vulnerable. Here’s what you need to know about Master Keying Solutions so you can decide whether it’s a good fit for your business.


What is a master key system?


A master key system can be set up a number of different ways using a variety of different locks, but it basically allows you to designate access to your employees using fewer keys. It can be a great way to reduce the likelihood that staff gain access to areas that are prohibited, and in many cases the master key system can be customized on multiple levels so you have more control over your commercial security.


Factors to consider


Consider your current security setup. Do you have varying levels of staff with different levels of access, such as managers and district managers who may have overlapping security access and more keys than they care to keep up with? A master key system could be ideal for your business, but you need to consider how many employees you need to give access to, which areas you need them to have access to, and how you plan to give or revoke that access, as necessary.


Before you decide whether to install a master key system, you’ll need to assess your current security and look at whether you need to make some areas more secure. A commercial security audit is a great idea at this point, and Pop-A-Lock can help with that. Once you know what you need, you can get your new system installed and make your business more secure.


Every building is different. Trust the Pop-A-Lock professionals to know the best way to secure every area of your business with the greatest amount of control and flexibility. Plus, you can be sure that your new lock system won’t interfere with other safety systems, like fire and emergency exit access.


Give Pop-A-Lock a call today to discuss your commercial security needs.