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Master Key System Features

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Master Key System Features

If you’re looking for a master key system for your business, you probably know all about the benefits and how it can help you with your commercial security needs. However, do you know what features to look for in a master key system? Here are some master key system features that you should look out for when making your choice.


Master key system software


Whether or not you actually use the software that will help program the access to each key in your master key system, it’s still an important aspect of your security system. Who will have access to the software and who will use it? Is it updated regularly and are backup copies kept on file in case you need access?


The software will be used in the planning, design, and implementation of your master key system, so take the time to find out what you can about yours.


Type of locking system--mechanical or electrical (or both)


Some master key systems are completely mechanical, but more and more are integrating electrical systems in as well. What does your business need? Would your employees benefit from electrical access locks or will an all-mechanical system meet your needs? Each system has its benefits and in many cases both can be integrated to create an ideal, customized security setup based on your business needs.


Adding in an electrical locking system can also help you bring your security up a level, adding another layer of security at the same time that you update the old one. Ask your Pop-A-Lock locksmith about which type of system is right for you.


Future updates


Consider whether or not you’ll need to add to your master key system in the future as your business grows. Will the system you’re considering offer the flexibility to add or alter locks as you need them? It’s important to think about the future when you look at the design options you have right now, so choose wisely.


Choosing a master key system is a big task, but your friendly Pop-A-Lock locksmith can help you choose the best system for your needs. Call today to discuss your options.