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Master Key System Benefits

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Master Key System Benefits

If you’ve been wondering whether a master key system would be right for your business, you’ll want to know exactly how you can benefit from one. Here are some master key system benefits you need to consider before you call your locksmith.


Security scaled to your size


Whether you have a business with four locks or four-hundred, a master key system can help you fully customize your employee access. Give managers access to the entire building or just their department, all with one key. Even if you have multiple locations, you can have one-key access for your employees that will make their jobs much easier. An added benefit of having one-key access is the money saved by not producing multiple keys for every employee. Save money and increase security at the same time with a master key system.


Control over your security


If you need to restrict access to certain areas, master key systems make it easy to do so. Customize every employee’s access based on their job responsibilities and limit your liabilities in the process. Plus, fewer keys means less opportunities for lost or stolen keys to be used inappropriately. If an employee loses their set of keys, you won’t have to rekey the entire building, you’ll just need to address the specific areas that they had access to.


Added convenience for your employees


If you have a district manager with a keyring full of keys, a master key system will make things much easier. Likewise, why encumber employees with keys for areas they won’t use or don’t use very often? Give them access to only the things they need to do their jobs and save them the hassle of keeping up with multiple keys.


Flexibility for your business


Master key systems can seem like a lot to take in, but once you get used to the concept, you’ll see that the flexibility that they offer is worth the learning curve. Plus, you’ll have the full support of your local Pop-A-Lock locksmith throughout the installation process and beyond.


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