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Locks Controlled by Smartphones – A Good Idea or Not?

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Locks Controlled by Smartphones – A Good Idea or Not?

Smartphones are being used for many purposes from remote controls for TVs to car locks. Is it s a good idea to set up your smartphone to unlock your car though? Here are some of the bad things that can happen if you do.

  • You might lose your phone and someone finds they can unlock your car.
  • Your young child might find the phone, play with the lock system, and leave the car unlocked.
  • You might accidentally hit unlock and not know it as you are walking away from your car.

Now these are just some scenarios of things that could happen all of which can be prevented.


First, if you use your phone for business, home, and everything else than having a password, facial recognition, or finger swipe lock that opens only for you is important. Phones can be reset, but most of the time someone isn’t going to try tampering long with the phone other than to make phone calls. The factory reset would wipe out the data anyway.


Again with children, if you lock the phone and do not tell them the code as is proper they won’t be able to play with it and thus create issues with your locks controlled by smartphones.


All of the above scenarios will work if you lock your phone properly. Additionally, if you have an above standard car lock or house lock where it locks again after 30 seconds of non use then you are protected if it is accidentally unlocked.


If you view a problem of using technology like smartphones for various locks including your car and have a solid solution then chances are you will find it is a good idea based on the convenience. You do have to take some precautions when using smartphones for controlling locks. It is common sense; therefore, if you follow basic care you should have no issues. It becomes a great idea as it saves you when your hands might be full or you are in a hurry and forgot to lock something. You can do it remotely.