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Keeping Your Vehicle Safe While Holiday Shopping

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Keeping Your Vehicle Safe While Holiday Shopping

The holidays are busy times filled with lots of scurrying to and from shops, stocking up on those last minute Christmas gifts. Keep your vehicle and your belongings safe from thieves this holiday shopping season with these helpful tips.


Park somewhere safe


Park in a well lit, open space. Thieves like to lurk in shadows to hide their sinister deeds, so try to park directly under a light or near the entrance to the building in plain sight of everyone coming and going. Make sure you have your keys ready when you return to your car. The quicker you get your gifts and yourself in the car, the safer you’ll be.


Never leave shopping in plain sight


When you leave your car, if you have gifts or bags of shopping from previous stores in your car, hide them in the trunk instead of leaving them in plain sight. If you are going into more than one store, put them in the trunk before you arrive at the second store. If a thief is watching the parking lot, they’ll see you stash your bags and they could target your vehicle.


Also, don’t leave your phone or other electronic devices charging in the car in plain sight. These could be easy targets for ‘smash and grab’ thieves.


Keep moving


If you come out of a store to drop off packages and plan to go back inside, move your car. Thieves may be watching and they’ll know you’ll be a while if you had to make a drop off at your car.


Pay attention to where you park


You don’t want to end up wandering around a busy parking lot trying to find your car, so make a note of where you parked. Also pay attention while parking. You don’t want to have a fender bender in the parking lot because you weren’t paying attention to the road.