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Keep Your Home Safe by Securing Doors and Windows

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According to the FBI Crime Report, 70% of all burglaries are made by entering the house through a door or a window, while 60% of them are with some use of force. To reinforce the most apparent entry points to your house, you don’t have to necessarily use the most expensive solution.


Simple solutions, such as deadbolts and security hinges, are usually enough to stop all but the most determined burglar. However, sometimes it is necessary to takes steps towards securing doors and windows even further.


Secure Your Windows


Windows are generally considered the weakest point of any home security. Because of the fact they are entirely glass, it is trivially easy to break them and enter the house. The glass part itself can be reinforced, such as by installing tempered, laminated or polycarbonate glass, which are much more difficult to break. Alternatively, you can install iron bars that prevent access to the interior even if the windows are broken. Ideally, you want to have a clear view of what’s happening outside your home, which means avoid having thick shrubbery around doors and windows. If the burglar is in plain sight while breaking in, he is likely to get nervous and give up much sooner.


Secure Your Doors


Doors are particularly vulnerable if they have a cat or dog flap. You can secure those by either installing a motion sensor that will not trigger when your pet goes through or by making the flap electronic. You can also install a digital peephole with infrared capability, which makes every outside movement clearly visible even on the darkest night. Door frames can also be reinforced with steel, making them immovable.


When it comes to the security of your home, it’s never pleasant to think about what could happen in the worst case scenario. However, it is always worth it to plan ahead and hope for the best. As long as it makes you feel secure, every option is the correct one. The idea is to create such an environment that an average burglar simply gives up and goes somewhere else.