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Keep your Car Safe for Summer Road Trips

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Keep your Car Safe for Summer Road Trips

Summer is the perfect time to hit the road and explore, but you don’t want to forget about safety when planning your road trip. Here are some tips to keep you, and your car, safe for summer road trips.


Get a tune up before you hit the road


Even if your car seems to be in good shape, it’s better to play it safe and get your car checked out by a trusted mechanic before you begin your trip. The long hours you’ll spend driving can put a strain on your car, so make sure it doesn’t have any underlying problems that could rear up while you’re driving.


Once you’re sure that the car is ready for the road, you need to be sure that you are, too.


Pack the essentials


A first aid kit, water, jumper cables and a spare tire are about the most basic things you should keep in your car. A flashlight is another good thing to keep in your car, and you should consider keeping a spare cellphone battery or car charger so you’ll always have power to your phone.


Stash your valuables out of sight before you reach your destination


If you stop off at a restaurant or hotel and plan to leave things in the car, put them in the trunk before you reach your destination, even if that means you have to make an extra stop to move the items. Moving the items in plain sight, then leaving your car for a few hours is an invitation to anyone looking to steal your stuff.


Any time you leave your car alone, make sure it’s locked and that everything of value is hidden out of sight.


Park safely


Make sure you park in well-lit areas, preferably in a parking garage. Many garages have cameras or security guards that can deter thieves, so you can rest easier when you park in an unfamiliar place.