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How to Reduce the Risk of a Security Breach

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How to Reduce the Risk of a Security Breach

You know that your business needs to be secure, but aren’t quite sure how to go about strengthening your building’s security. Maybe you’ve fired an employee, and worry that they’ll seek revenge by gaining access to your building. Whatever the reason, these tips can help you reduce the risk of a security breach at your business.


Install remote access controls


Remote access controls allow you to grant or revoke access privileges to your employees. This lets you act immediately if you see suspicious behaviour among an employee or ex-employee, and it allows you to see who is coming and going around your business. Employees swipe in and out, and you know who goes where, and when.


Use high security key systems


These systems use keys that cannot be duplicated. This means that former employees can’t make copies of their keys for use after they’ve returned them. To use this system, you’ll likely need to change the locks on your premises in order to use the non-duplicable keys.


Re-key the locks 


This can be a good option if you don’t want to completely change out the locks in your building. If you fire an employee and they don’t return their keys, they could still gain access to the building. Re-keying makes their old key no longer functional, so they can’t come back in by using it.


Change passwords frequently


Security passwords are only strong if they are private, so make sure you change the access passcodes regularly to prevent former employees from gaining access to the building. This can also allow you to secure your premises after letting temporary employees have a passcode, or after other workers and contractors no longer need their codes. It’s also easy to do, and can be done as often as you like.